More than just baby milestone cards, this gift set includes 35 milestone cards, a stunning, cool infographic milestone chart, all contained in a solid, book-themed keepsake box. Perfect gift for new Mums or as a Baby Shower gift for both baby boys and girls.

What's Included:
  • 34 Milestone Cards
Each card is A6 in size and is made for you to put in with your baby whilst you take a photograph. As your baby gets older why not let baby hold the card? At the back of each card we have given you space to write all your precious memories relating to the milestone.


      1.  Hello World
      2. Today I am One Week Old
      3. Today I am Two Weeks Old
      4. Today I am Three Weeks Old
      5. Today I am 1 Month Old
      6. Today I am 2 Months Old
      7. Today I am 3 Months Old
      8. Today I am 4 Months Old
      9. Today I am 5 Months Old
      10. Today I am 6 Months Old
      11. Today I am 7 Months Old
      12. Today I am 8 Months Old
      13. Today I am 9 Months Old
      14. Today I am 10 Months Old
      15. Today I am 11 Months Old
      16. Today is My 1st Birthday
      17. Today I'm Going Home for the First Time
      18. Today I am having my Solids for the First Time
      19. Today I Sat Up By Myself
      20. Today I Clapped My Hands
      21. Today I waved for the First Time
      22. Today I Crawled for the First Time
      23. Today I Stood by Myself
      24. Today I Took My First Steps
      25. Today I got my First Tooth
      26. Today I Rolled Over
      27. Today I said Mama for the First Time
      28. Today I said Dada for the First Time
      29. First Night in My Own Room
      30. My First Holiday
      31. Today I Smiled for the First Time
      32. Today I Laughed for the First Time
      33. Today I got my First Haircut
      34. Today I went Swimming for the First Time
      • Bonus "Thank You' Card
      We have put this card in as a bonus card. We know its not a milestone card but we thought it would come in handy. Use it to take pictures of your baby with gifts from friends and relatives and send the photograph to them to thank them for their kindness.
      • Infographic Poster
        • Baby's Name
        • Date of Birth
        • Time of Arrival
        • Place of Birth
        • Weight @ Birth
        • Weight @ 1 years old
        • Height @ Birth
        • Height @ 1 years old
        • Eye Colour
        • Hair Colour
        • Things that make baby laugh
        • Things that make baby cry
        • Things that baby loves
        • Things that baby doesn't love
        • Favourite Book
        • Favourite Food
        • Favourite Song
        • When Baby Sat Up
        • When baby Crawled
        • When baby Walked
        • Favourite Toy
        • First Words


          • Keepsake Box
          This box will let you keep the cards safe for years to come. The box is book-themed, has an insert to allow you to safely fold and store the poster and space for all 35 cards or print your milestone baby pictures in A6 and store them in the box instead.. It closes using a magnetic seal to ensure your memories are safe forever.